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Casual Lifestyle Headshot with Autumn Leaves

Bye bye power suit! This is not your grandfather's headshot! With women now being more than half of the workforce, it's not surprising that headshots have become softer, more casual and more artistic.

Many of today's corporate headshots are really lifestyle photographic portraits that capture the subject's personality and warmth. This is a wonderful example of that type of headshot. This lovely young woman chose to wear a business casual Navy blue blouse with orange and light blue accents. Her soft brown hair falling on her shoulders accents the Autumn-like colors of the entire portrait.

And let's talk about the Fall leaves on the stairs in the background. It's as if nature created the perfect backdrop for the client's color choices.

Clients who hire me to take corporate headshots frequently have many questions so I have an entire section of my Website to answer questions about headshots, and to show many examples of different styles of headshots.