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Blue Water, Blue Boy, Blue Mother Photograph

I call this photograph "Blue Water, Blue Boy, Blue Mother" because of the strong shades of blue in this photograph. Sometimes the use of all-in-one-color can be a little bland, but not in this case. The textures are so rich and striking that the various sources of blue come together in an artistic way.

This adorable little toddler is rocking his blue plaid shirt with beige pants and an orange belt for pop of color! Mom's blouse is a deeper shade of blue, with polka dots. The background is the beautiful blue water of a Pittsburgh river. And you know it's Pittsburgh when you see the bridge.

My style is simple, clean and uncluttered. Normally, I take about 200 shots at a photo shoot, and select around 30 for the client to review. This ensures that I will end up with the delightful expressions you see here. The toddler's expression is pure joy as he feels his mother's love. I tend to like poses that show the full face of the child and the profile of the mother; it allows for an emotional connection that often creates magic in a portrait.

Pittsburgh is particularly rich in location shot possibilities, and iconic bridges area popular choice.