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Corporate Headshot by Missy Timko Pittsburgh Photographer

This is a wonderful example of a modern corporate headshot. This individual comes across as professional and successful, and also accessible and friendly. This headshot would work well in any corporate directory (print or Web-based), on a variety of social media platforms (think LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), or as a stand-alone print. It says, "I look forward to working with you." Conveying this message about the subject is the job of the corporate headshot.

Most headshot sessions take place in my studio in the Mt Lebanon neighborhood, just south of downtown Pittsburgh PA. For "branding" portraits (portraits that convey a brand message of some sort, through a particular background or prop), are often shot on your site or outdoors, as well as in my studio. And I often come to corporate locations (with all my equipment!) for corporate projects. I have even gone as far as California to shoot several corporate headshots for a San Diego law office!

Do you need a corporate headshot, or does your business need headshots? I would love to hear from you.