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Pittsburgh PA Corporate Headshot

Corporate headshots serve a variety of purposes. Sometimes they are used to find employment, and other times they are used to advertise a company's services. In an effort to be all things to all people, sometimes headshots can end up looking "cookie cutter" or stamped out of a mold.

This headshot does all the things a headshot is supposed to do, with an extra shot of confidence. Everything about this individual says success. This headshot will get the job done, whatever it is!

This is a wonderful example of a modern headshot. While some clients opt for more casual clothing, this client chose to be photographed in a business suit. The eyes go to the watch, and the effect is striking. The confidence of this man's expression pretty much says it all.

This type of headshot is known as a "branding portrait." A branding portrait is a more involved shoot, sometimes full length, possibly shot on location, or with more extensive imagery beyond a simple head-and-shoulders studio portrait. The branding portrait is for the purposes of personal branding, and is generally used to support a professional identity.

There are many different kinds of headshots. Here are some more examples.