Fall Mini Sessions at Missy Timko Photography

October 16, 3:30-6:30 pm, South Hills SOLD OUT

October 30, 3-6 pm, Shadyside SOLD OUT

November 13, 10-1 pm, Missy's Studio sOLD OUT

This year will be our 12th year in a row offering our fun & easy fall mini sessions. These are popular with clients who prefer online booking, a shorter shoot time, and an efficient online or in-person ordering appointment.

We offer our mini session clients an abbreviated yet elevated experience, high-quality custom artwork, and beautiful, expressive portraits to hang on your walls and adorn your holiday cards!

Book your session now at store.missytimko.com

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Details & Policies

  • Mini sessions are perfect for 1-5 people—larger groups, please book a regular portrait session with us.
  • Your $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon booking and will be applied to your order (you will choose your package after you have seen your images). Our smallest package is $650 for three high-resolution portraits.
  • Mini sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable. If emergency arises, and you are unable to make it to your session, we will do everything we can to help you fill your spot.
  • Your full-service ordering appointment will be over a live Zoom call or in person at our Mt. Lebanon studio. At this time, you will have the opportunity to select your favorite portraits, design custom artwork, and choose a package. This will be your only opportunity to view and select your images (no online galleries before ordering).
  • The rain date is exactly one week following your session (same time & place). KEEP THIS EXTRA DATE OPEN ON YOUR CALENDAR JUST IN CASE. Weather policy is here: www.missytimko.com/weather. EXCEPTION: Shadyside minis will be moved up ONE HOUR in case of postponement due to daylight savings.


Pricing for our fall mini sessions is discounted over 20% off our regular retail pricing, and there is no session fee! This is the ONLY discount that we offer the entire year.


Package 1: 8 high-res image files in both b/w & color, 8 matted prints, $800 product credit (approx. one medium art piece, two small art pieces, or 8 prints), 20% off wall art. $1850 ($2450+ value)

Package 2: 4 high-res image files, 4 matted prints, $400 product credit (one small art piece or 2 additional image files with prints). $995 ($1400 value)

Package 3: 3 high-res image files of your choice. $650 ($750 value)

We offer larger image bundles of 16 or more images, up to your complete gallery of 25+ edited portraits, at a 20% discount at the time of ordering. We do not offer discounts any other time of year!

Our larger image bundles include a FREE gift - your choice of heirloom album or wood folio box.

© 2019 Missy Timko Photography www.missytimko.com© 2020 Missy Timko Photography www.missytimko.com


Within one week of placing your order, we will send an email to confirm your session, gather information about your family, and assist you with session planning.

One week before your session, we will send directions on where to meet us for your portrait session—the exact location is based on foliage & local events.

© 2020 Missy Timko Photography www.missytimko.com

COVID Concerns

Allegheny County is currently in a medium-low transmission range for COVID, though there may be an uptick in the fall. We are aware that some of you may have unvaccinated children or other risk factors or concerns. I like to think that outdoor portraits are one of the few family activities that can be done completely safely during a pandemic!

We are bringing back studio minis this year! At this shoot, you may run into another family as you come and go, and we anticipate a mask-free environment since our clients cannot wear masks during their shoots. If this is concerning, we recommend booking an outdoor shoot.

We will do everything we can to make sure you and your family stay safe and comfortable! We'll start by following all current CDC guidelines at the time of your shoot. Jeremy and I are both fully vaccinated and we both plan to receive the new booster as soon as it becomes available, likely this September.

Lastly, though we highly recommend an in-person ordering appointment, we will give you the option to review and order your portraits at a Zoom ordering appointment if you prefer to avoid an in-person meeting at our studio. We request that if you have had any recent high risk of exposure (eg, Covid+ family member) or symptoms, you let us know so that we can accommodate you.