Top Business Portrait Photographer in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Corporate Head Shot Photographers
Top Pittsburgh Business Portrait Photographer
Top Corporate Headshot Photographer in PIttsburgh
Best Corporate Head Shot Photographer in Pittsburgh
Business Portrait in Pittsburgh
Best Business Portrait Photographers in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Corporate Headshot Photographers
Top Corporate Headshot Photographers in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Corporate & Branding Portrait Photographer

Branding Photography

Creating a brand has everything to do with imagery... photos of you, your people, your work space, and the things that you do.
I am happy to provide the greater Pittsburgh area with a custom branding & business portrait service.
These custom branding portraits are perfect for the professional searching for photographs beyond a headshot or for the business owner looking to showcase a business.

We can create images for:

  • headshot
  • social media
  • website
  • print media
This service is perfect for professionals who need photos for the following:
  • magazine feature
  • book jacket
  • small business owner
  • blog content
  • political ad
  • press releases
  • company brochures
  • website
  • general branding

How is a branding portrait different from a headshot?

I will consult with you about how you want to portray your business and we will come up with a list of ideas for photographs you may need. This will guide our plan for the shoot itself.

A branding portrait is a longer session, typically 1-3 hours, and customized to the needs of your business. We might shoot on location or in my studio, we might shoot just portraits of people or a variety of imagery for your social media and website. From this session we may shoot full length, 3/4 or environmental images in addition to a headshot.

This type of session is also perfect for branding portraits that include images of architecture, business spaces, and objects beyond the scope of a typical headshot.

Contact me for info about branding portraits.

Pittsburgh Corporate Photography

Your company deserves professional headshots that match your brand and business goals. That's why Missy Timko is the best choice for corporate projects for businesses in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Corporate photography projects are more extensive projects that usually take place on site. This may include individual branding and corporate portraits, headshots, candid portraits, and photos for use in commercial advertising. This is usually scheduled in half- or whole-day increments.

I offer a streamlined service which is designed for your convenience and enjoyment:

  • We will come to your office or location of your choice.
  • We will bring a portable backdrop and studio lighting to provide you with your best images possible.
  • We can review your images within 2-3 days of your shoot, which means you will receive the final product in less time with more satisfaction.

Examples of companies that utilize this service:

  • law firm
  • doctor office
  • dentist office
  • medical office
  • engineering firm
  • real estate office
  • technology company
  • marketing agency

Your company will receive the corporate headshots that will give your business the look to help set you apart from the competition.

Corporate Photography Project Pricing

Commercial photography projects may include interiors, exteriors, portraits of people, stock images, or social media imagery. You may be building a business branding portfolio or high-end portraits of your staff for a website.

Commercial photography project pricing is usually determined by the length of the shoot and includes planning out your shoot in detail, location lighting, the shoot itself, and image selection. Usage and retouching are charged separately as described below.


Mini shoot (up to two hours shoot time): $775

Half day shoot (up to 4 hours shoot time): $1250

Full day shoot (up to 8 hours shoot time): $2000

Retouching & Commercial Usage: $50-75 per image

On-site image viewing and selection & a lighting assistant (per half day): $250

Please contact me with questions to see how I can best serve your corporate photography needs.

Contact Me

Contact me to inquire about bringing me in as your corporate photographer and to get a quote for these services.