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Laughing and Hugging Maternity Couple on Park Bench

This young couple is enjoying a few moments of just enjoying each other in South Park in the suburb of Bethel Park in Pittsburgh PA. The setting is a campfire setting (minus the campfire), with wooden benches and beautiful mountain trees and grasses.

Normally, for a maternity shot, I like to highlight the contours of the growing baby, and to make sure the pregnancy is evident in this photo. In this shot, however, I opted for a different kind of pose. I would call this, "Love is in the Air." This couple is so obviously in love and happy about this coming baby, I decided on a different kind of pose, one that emphasizes the relationship between the two parents-to-be.

I love the pop of yellow in Mom's dress, which looks so great with her jean jacket. The lace of the dress with the texture of the jean jacket make for a captivating outfit--especially with those amazing shoes! Dad is casual with blue jeans and a gray shirt; the focus is on the mother's wonderful expression of delight while she sits in the park with her sweetie.