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Corporate Headshot by Missy Timko Photography

I provide the greater Pittsburgh area with custom branding and business portrait services, with a specialty in law firms and attorney headshots, and other corporate workplaces. This portrait was taken as part of a contract with a large company in Pittsburgh. The company wanted corporate branding shots that highlighted its employees in a professional and accessible way. These custom branding portraits are perfect for the companies searching for photographs beyond a headshot, or for the business owner looking to showcase a business.

Creating a brand has everything to do with imagery. What do you want your photo say to about you and your business? In this case, the client wanted an image that shows how friendly he is, plus a glimpse of his work environment. This type of session is also perfect for branding portraits that include images of architecture, business spaces, and objects beyond the scope of a typical headshot.

I always consult with clients about how they want to portray the business; together we will come up with a list of ideas for photographs they might need. This will guide our plan for the shoot itself.

A branding portrait session takes longer than a headshot, typically 1-3 hours. For this particular session, we shot full-length, 3/4, and environmental images, in addition to the traditional professional headshot.

What do I bring with me? I bring all my equipment to your office for these corporate shoots.