Josie Avalon, 3 1/2 months

This little lady is just as sweet as can be!  Born May 25th, she is turning 4 months soon.  Lots of baby talk, huge smiles, and curious eye contact.


I love her so much!  And not just because she’s my niece 🙂

Have you made your baby book yet?

Shortly after my baby was born, I saw this beautiful Nikki McClure “baby’s first year” journal at Powell’s.  It had pages and pages where mom is meant to fill in details of baby’s birth and infancy and add photos and keep a journal of all the new & exciting things baby is doing throughout the first year.  I loved the style of the book and thought about buying it, but I realistically admitted to myself that I was not likely to take time out during those crazy early infant days to fill it out.  I am, however, reliable about taking photos and videos, which I intend to compile and organize as Jonah nears his first birthday.  Here is the front/back cover and one of the inside spreads of the custom book I am making for him:

portland baby book photographer

The end result is a press-printed and bound 12″ square book with lots of adorable photos of my little munchkin for us to keep forever.

Want a photo book for your own little one?  Let me make it for you!  Book a baby, family, or birthday session (cake smash pics!) with me and get a book designed for you at a special price.  So much easier than sorting through all your pics… or even worse, never getting around to it!

Pittsburgh Family Photographer | Lacey Family Portrait

Three years old might be my favorite age to photograph.  They seem still unaware of the camera and just want to play.  Silas and I got to spend some time in the backyard running around, and some of my favorite shots came from rolling a toy car back and forth on the picnic table.  I told him to try to hit the lens with the car and he seemed to think that was pretty fun.  What a great kid!  And 4-month-old baby Pearl has such a pretty baby girl face, I am in love!

I thought that family shot would look nice on this card:

Love that vintage border.  More from this shoot coming soon to my Flickr page & Facebook.