Does Holga have a place in a professional portrait shoot?

I just got back my first roll of Holga film that I used on a family shoot and here are the results:family photography portland oregon

A few regular, non-Holga shots from the rest of the shoot are here.

My brief description of Holga is that it’s a big, boxy plastic camera (mine is bright red) that uses medium-format film, and its claim to fame is that it is very low tech.  Things like blurriness and light leaks are considered desirable qualities, and most photographers do not even look through a viewfinder, but instead just sort of point the camera in the general direction of their intended subject.  I love it and think the photos are special and interesting, but I realize that it’s not for everyone.  I am considering shooting a roll every time I go out (in addition to shooting normal, well-lit digital shots as usual), but I’m guessing that blurry, “artsy” shots don’t really interest most people who are investing their time and money in a professional portrait.  So, does Holga/Lomography have a place in a professional photo shoot or not?

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