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Pittsburgh Family Photographer | Frenie Family

What happens when you photograph kids just being kids?  MAGIC, that’s what!

pittsburgh family portrait 70-200 canon lens at f4. child tween portrait at nature park .

Remember how family portraits used to be?  The family would be arranged on a couch, or maybe lined up by height.  We might put Mom and Dad in elegant chairs in the foreground (hands in lap, of course), kids standing behind with their arms on Mom and Dad’s shoulders. And everyone would be wearing their starched and ironed “Sunday best.”  Fortunately, times have changed, and we now know that we get the most memorable and lasting photographs when families are relaxed, happy, wearing their favorite clothes, in their favorite surroundings, and interacting with each other.  No matchy-matchy or upholstered couches here!

pittsburgh family portrait 70-200 canon lens at f4. dad mom and kids. family portrait at nature park .

This is the delightful Frenie family—Mom Sarah, Dad Chris, and Zach (5th grade), Ezra (1st grade) and Lily (almost 5).  I know this family well, and have been doing family portraits for them since 2013.  Mom told me exactly where they wanted to do the shoot this time—in Frick Park—an iconic Pittsburgh location for this Mt. Lebanon family.  Look how much the kids have grown in just a little more than four years!


Frick Park is an amazing place to photograph families and children.  This particular area is right across from The Frick Museum.  It’s close to my studio, easily accessible, and presents lots of choices for shots for families and children.  I particularly love the iconic stone arch shown here:

pittsburgh family portrait 70-200 canon lens at f4. on location family at Frick Park

As you can see, all three children are adorable, but the scene-stealer was little miss Lily, who was super funny and made me laugh throughout this session. (Lily reminds me of my own Mimi, who is just a couple days younger than Lily, and so fun in the same way.  In fact, Lily and Mimi will be in the same preschool class next year!)

LATE-BREAKING NEWS:  Ezra lost his first tooth just before this session and was SO excited to show it off his new “big boy” smile!

I designed a gorgeous wall art gallery to go in the Frenies’ living room.  It consists of fine art prints mounted on wood panels; these have been extremely popular with my clients lately!

Thank you, Frenie family, for allowing me to watch your family grow!


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