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Baby Pippa | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

This newborn session ranks high on my list of happiest memories! Jenny & Dan called me when Pippa had just come home from the NICU–she spent some time there after being born a couple months early at about 3 lbs.  Pippa was finally approaching her due date and had almost doubled in size since birth, so mom and dad were ready to do some “normal newborn things” and have her photographed.  What a celebration!

Baby Phillipa, Pippa, “Pip-squeak”… you are so loved! Here is what your mama had to say about your birth:

“Philippa was born preterm due to complications from severe pre-eclampsia. No matter what though it was a beautiful experience filled with extremely supportive family and friends that made the day of her birth a true celebration (amidst the uncertainty of it all). She spent 27 days in the NICU and had a smooth course coming home in record time. “

newborn photography in pittsburgh, paDescribe life with a newborn. How has your life changed since giving birth? Is it like you expected or totally different?

Since giving birth life is different. There is a slower pace to things where I am able to step back and enjoy the quiet moments with Philippa that I love. Yet at the same time I am worried it is going so quickly. She grows and change everyday before our very eyes and it is a privilege to have this experience. We are so thankful.

Does baby have siblings or pets? Siblings’ ages? How did they react to baby coming home?

No pets or siblings. We plan to get a dog though once the period of sleep deprivation is behind us. Ha!

Pittsburgh newborn photographersWhen did you book your newborn session? Why did you pick me?

We booked the newborn session after Philippa was discharged from the NICU. We picked Powder Blue because of the natural quality to her photos where real life is captured in the home. Plus, Missy understood what it meant to have a premature baby and the timing of photographs. That was unexpected and meant so much to us.

How did you prepare for your newborn session? Any tips for new moms regarding newborn photography?

To prepare for the newborn session we made sure Philippa was fed, rested, and in an outfit she was comfortable in so we could minimize changes. Keeping the house warm was a good idea of Missy’s since that allowed Philippa to be changed easily from outfit to bundled in a wrap. 

lifestyle newborn photographer pittsburgh pa

lifestyle newborn photography

newborn baby lifestyle portraitDo you have a favorite image(s) from this session? Describe the image and why you love it.

We really love all the images. We love the image of Philippa wrapped in the parachute swaddle on the white background. She looks so peaceful and really captures the essence of her (what we think) is her sweet personality. Another favorite is one where you captured her sly smile and her blue eyes. I am not sure how long her eyes will stay blue so I am so happy we captured them during her newborn period.

pittsburgh photographersMissy – thank you so much for taking beautiful photos of Philippa. We were so happy and after everything we went through to get to this point it was nice to do something “normal” like newborn photos and have them document where she is in her life right now. She has come so far and we are so happy and blessed to have her in our life. 

black and white baby portrait on a bed

I am so grateful to have been a part of this newborn experience and look forward to watching Pippa grow! <3


Missy Timko is the photographer behind Powder Blue Photography, a boutique photography studio located in Pittsburgh, PA. She specializes in newborns, maternity, families, seniors, and headshots. Missy’s style is simple, natural, and clean, a mix of slightly posed and lifestyle photography with beautiful natural backdrops, and Missy also runs a studio in the Point Breeze, Pittsburgh.  There are many session options, from full-length custom sessions to little sessions, inside the studio or outside in a beautiful natural or urban location in Pittsburgh.  Contact Missy for rates and availabilit

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