Could this be the Timko 2011 holiday card design??

I love this holiday card, but I have several other favorites as well! I have been spending a lot of time getting adorable designs together for you all : )

My last mini session date for 2011 holiday photo cards is October 23, call me soon if you want to book a time slot for that date.  If you would like cards printed by early December, you will need to have your family or baby portrait done by mid-November, and I only have a handful of sessions open before then.  Call or email me asap… don’t end up sending out a Valentine’s day family portrait card because you never got around to it!  I can also make your card if you have had a portrait session with me in the last few months–please place design orders by Thanksgiving.

Class of 2012: John B.

Super smart, subtle sense of humor, definitely wise beyond his years…

We did this mini shoot on the perfect cloudy day at Esther Short Park in Vancouver.  It poured rain just a couple hours later so we really lucked out on timing!

Lastly, I washed my favorite TOMS shoes in the washing machine on cold/gentle with some Woolite and let them air dry and they are clean and good as new (except better because they are slightly worn and fit me perfectly).  Just thought I would throw that out there to the internet at large since I tried to find info, and there was conflicting advice on various web pages.

Greenwald Betz Family Portrait | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

This is an inner southeast family with an adorable Old Portland house, complete with stunning front porch and a climbing wall and treehouse in the yard.  August (Gus) is 3 and baby Ezekiel (Zeke) is 9 months.  I just love these boys’ solid citizen names.  Gus was one of the names on our short list of baby names for Jonah (along with Grover and Emory), but we went with Jonah because it just seemed more suitable somehow.  Anyway, I loved how these portraits turned out with all the variations of stripes (3 shirts + siding) and with mom’s devotional tattoo peeking out alongside her adorable sons.  So charming!

Totally dying over Zeke’s two little teeth showing. He is just a couple weeks older than Jonah and reminds me of him so much!