Accordion Mini Album

Do you love showing off your baby’s sweet face as much as I do?

I just got my accordion mini albums from the printer this afternoon!  These things are so stinkin’ adorable.  Of course I used my favorite model so I could order a couple extra books for the grandparents 🙂  But seriously, look at this MOST adorable pocket album:

Perfect for showing off to anyone who will listen–comes with a hard front and back cover and a durable ivory sleeve.  Also sits nicely on a shelf or desk.  I have other designs as well but I love this one with the buttons and stitching.  Almost too cute to handle.

Josie Avalon, 3 1/2 months

This little lady is just as sweet as can be!  Born May 25th, she is turning 4 months soon.  Lots of baby talk, huge smiles, and curious eye contact.


I love her so much!  And not just because she’s my niece 🙂

Class of 2012: Lexa F., Vancouver WA

I photographed Lexa in downtown Vancouver, Washington this fine Labor Day weekend.  I love the hair color… and that necklace, wow!  Lexa is a very talented artist and a lovely lady, and she had several ideas for great places to go for photos.  We intended to go to Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, but when we arrived we found it was Kumoricon, a new phenomenon for me but one familiar to Lexa.  There were people everywhere in crazy costumes (some more appropriate for a public venue than others, yikes), quite a scene!

We started at this beautiful wall that depicts scenes from WWII.  Lexa told me that she has a love for history and art and wanted to incorporate some of the scenes.  I got a ton of great shots here.

We then hit a few other great hidden spots, including a beautiful ivy-covered wall and an old whitewashed brick alley.  I will definitely shoot seniors in downtown Vancouver again because there were so many beautiful backdrops.

Lexa was easy to photograph and I got so many beautiful shots from this senior session!