Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer | Baby Jackson

Look at Dale (dog on the left) smiling!!  What a sweet pup!  Of course, I expected this from big sister Anna Rose’s newborn session a couple years ago.  Best dogs ever!! <3 Baby Jackson joined big sister Anna Rose for this session at their Pittsburgh home.  This little guy has the sweetest little face! Anna […]

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Session | H Family

Sisters who won’t let go of hands.  A family dog that won’t leave the baby’s side.  For a photographer like me, these are sure signs that you are entering a house full of love. Meet the H family. Even though this was a Newborn Session, big sister Sada practically stole the show!  Sada just couldn’t […]

Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer | Rooftop Session | Downtown Pittsburgh

When you hear the word “rooftop,” what do you think of?  Well, romance — of course.  Think about Sleepless in Seattle, Dirty Dancing, LA Stories, ……  (For you parents out there who never get to watch grown-up movies:  Ratatouille, The Muppet Movie and Kung Fu Panda.) So, yes, rooftops equal romance.  Case in point:  Lexie and […]

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer | Twins Nico & Emi | Studio Newborn Session

Beautiful newborn twins Nico & Emi joined me in my Pittsburgh photography studio for some newborn portraits, and we captured a simple session of the babies plus mom, dad, and Cooper the dog. Two babies, four feet, 20 cute little newborn toes! Emi was wide awake for the entire session while Nico snoozed away. Congratulations […]

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer | Baby Anna Rose | Lifestyle Newborn

Newborn baby girl Anna Rose is getting used to cuddles from her dog siblings, Dinger & Dale.  I always get some baby & dog pics during a lifestyle newborn session, but they don’t all cuddle up right next to baby with such little prompting!  What sweethearts! I like how this photo of the family hands […]

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer | Baby Caroline

What a sweet smile on this gorgeous girl! Caroline’s mom & dad supplied many colorful blankets and personal items to make this shoot special! These blankets were made by proud grandmas, and the groundhog is a memento from the wedding–apparently there were many battles won and lost over these groundhogs!  Caroline is a baby planner, […]

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer | Baby Annie | Lifestyle Newborn Session

What more could you want in life than a beautiful, happy, warm house full of babies & pets? Answer: nothing. 🙂 *** Are you looking for a lifestyle family portrait photographer in Pittsburgh?  I would love to hear from you!  Powder Blue Photography offers indoor & outdoor family portraits in and around the city of Pittsburgh, including the North & […]

Newborn Baby Chance | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer | Mt. Lebanon

Welcome to baby Chance and congrats to his mama & daddy! This sweetheart came to me for pics at a little over 1 month of age.  At this age we get more expressive portraits, with yawns, stretches, and purposeful eye contact. Baby Chance already has a best friend in doggy Bianca, the absolute sweetest dog […]

Duffy Twins | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world, newborn twins Penn (“Penny”) & Sullivan (“Van”)!  These two little guys were unbelievably mellow for their session… I credit mom & dad for being mellow themselves and caring so well for these two little cherished babes! These guys are already forming their own little personalities at just a couple weeks old. […]