Maternity Session Planning

Maternity shoots are a fun and relaxed way to celebrate your new baby. You might be adding a new addition to your family or simply celebrating your last days as a couple. We will shoot a variety of images... up close and far away, unposed and naturally posed. Locations may include my studio, your home, and/or a beautiful outdoor spot. Sunset is my favorite time for outdoor maternity shoots. Maternity shoots usually take about an hour.

Maternity Portrait Clothing

Wear something that makes you feel great! We will start with a favorite maternity style (dress, jeans, whatever you love to wear during this pregnancy). From there you have a number of options depending on how much you want to show, where we are shooting, and what season it is… some of my favorites for maternity are boho dresses, sweaters & jeans, and coordinated accessories. Neutral tones and textures are great, but you may also incorporate seasonal colors and patterns. Please avoid clothing that is very loose on you (we want to see your curves!) and anything with words or logos. Make sure you are well supported up top! In the studio, we can go as bare as you are comfortable with; that’s really up to you!

Pinterest is a great resource for maternity shoot inspiration (please share your board with me if you make one!), or you may look at my website portfolio for ideas.

Once you've picked out a few things, send me photos for feedback by text or email. It's best to lay things out on a bed with your partner's clothing as well. You can stick to a single outfit or bring multiple changes - just keep in mind that when we are shooting on location, there may not be a place to change. I recommend wearing something underneath so you can easily change out in the open. Pick outfits that are easy to change in and out of; the sun waits for no one!

Outdoor Maternity and Family Photography by Missy Timko

Maternity Hair & Makeup

I highly encourage you to have your hair & makeup done professionally for your session and can arrange for hair & makeup artists to come to your home or my studio before our session. You will love your photos so much more if your hair and makeup look amazing! Please get in touch if you need assistance. If you choose to DIY, I advise wearing just a little bit more makeup than you would usually wear in order to photograph well. Men, get your hair cut about a week before your session and shave or tidy up facial hair the day of.

I will be doing some retouching on all of your photos, so do not be concerned about things like veins and stretch marks if you choose to do “belly shots.”

Maternity Outdoor Photo Session by Missy Timko

Husbands, partners, and families

Though the focus of the session will be on mom, I encourage you to invite your partner and/or children to join you for your portraits. We will do our best to get all the family shots done first so that they will be free to go about their business once we finish the family portraits.

Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration. I have boards set up for all types of shoots, including one specific to outfit planning. My maternity favorites are here: Missy Timko Maternity Board.

Need help? Ask me!

Couples Portrait for Maternity Studio Session Pittsburgh