What to Wear for Family Portraits

Styling and clothing are a very important part of your portrait shoot. I favor a simple and natural look that calls attention to your family’s expressions and interactions and will result in timeless images that you will love.


Wear something that makes you feel great, that fits you well, and colors that flatter your skin tone. Try to coordinate your group just a little bit (for example… everyone in neutrals, everyone in cooler tones, you get the idea… look at the interior of your house for an idea of what you like), but beyond that don’t feel like your family needs to match. Pinterest has some great examples of this. Don’t be afraid of color and subtle patterns or anything else that defines your family. If you are totally lost, neutral colors and lightly textured fabrics (tweed, denim, lace, etc) are a great place to start. Please no words, logos, characters, or cartoons, and please do not put the whole family in the same outfit.

Personal shoppers are available at many stores, so let them know you are planning a photo shoot and most shops have someone who can help you.

Hair & make-up

I highly encourage you to have your hair & makeup done professionally for all session types. You will love your photos so much more if your hair and makeup look amazing! Please ask me about my partnerships with local hair and makeup artists that will come directly to my studio and use my uniquely designed hair & makeup space for your session styling. If you have a relationship with a hair and makeup stylist, give them a call for tips and recommendations.

If you choose to DIY, I advise wearing just a little bit more makeup than you would usually wear in order to photograph well. Men--get a haircut about a week before your session and make sure to groom any facial hair nicely or shave the day of.

Maternity & Newborn

I have specific pages set up for these types of shoots: Maternity here, Newborn here.


Pinterest is a great resource for planning your photo shoot. I have boards set up for all types of shoots, including one specific to outfit planning. Hook up with me here: Missy Timko Pinterest. I encourage you to make your own board with portraits you like and share it with me!

Send me photos!

Once you have started planning your outfits, please send me some snapshots of your family's outfits laid out on a bed. You can email or text your photos to me. This way, I am able to provide specific feedback on getting a cohesive look in your portraits.

Email: missy@missytimko.com

Text message: 412-559-3889

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